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Boring (8/16/2016)

Several years have passed.
All what you said was true.
I’m nothing special.
I’m nothing worth fighting for.

I’m not exciting or fun.
I’m not always happy.
I’m not always doing much.
I enjoy not doing a lot of things.

I am boring.
No one likes being around me.
For that very reason.

No one likes being around
someone who doesn’t do much.
I’m not daring.
I’m not risky.

I’m just…
I’m a freak.
I’m a disaster.

I’m bad luck.
I’m a walking disaster for crying out loud.
I’m not a good person.
I only screw things up.

I’m just a depressed, self conscious, boring person.
I’m not interesting.
I’m not amazing or spectacular or awesome.
I’ll never be that.

I never have been.