Reflections on my inner and outer worlds.

I Think I Have A Problem (1/29/2015)

I think I have a problem.
I could have been told a million times to do something.
But I end up not doing them.
I think it’s mostly because…
I would just start to think and I’d get lost in my thoughts.
I know I have to do my homework and work on learning this and that.
But lately I’ve been just sitting and doing nothing.
Nothing but think and think.
And think.
I would end up just thinking about something for the longest.
Sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m thinking.
That I’m just sitting there with a blank mind.
Ignoring everything around me.
Ignoring the sounds.
The people.
And it seems like I tune people out more than usual.
Mostly when I start to think.
I don’t know why I would end up getting lost deep in thought.
Or no thought at all.
Just lost in something.
Maybe I just get lost in darkness which inhabits my mind.
Or maybe I just get lost in my own little world.
That I try to think of to get out of reality.
Either way, I still think this is a problem.
I think this is my problem.
Because I would do this.
And hours would go by and it wouldn’t feel like that long of time.
And I don’t do this on purpose either.
It just…happens.
I’m really not sure.
But I do think I have a terrible problem.


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