Reflections on my inner and outer worlds.

No Escape (8/11/14)

I stand in the middle.

Looking at everyone surrounding me.

Thinking, “Why am I here?”

“Why am I around these people that don’t like me?”

I try to get out of their circle.

I can’t.

They block my path.

I try to push out of it, but they push me back.

“Let me out!” I scream towards them.

But they ignore me as if they heard silence.

I run towards them again.

But to no avail, I’m trapped in the circle.

Trapped in their hatred and lies.

“Let me out.”

“Let me out!!” I scream.

One person turns towards me but then looks away.

They go back to socializing with the people in the circle.

I fall to my knees and bow my head.

“Please, please let me out.”

Tears stream down my face and I grasp my head in my hands.

I can’t get out.

No matter what I try, I can’t get out.

I hear a faint sound.

It sounds like someone is calling my name.

I keep my head bowed down, I don’t want look at anyone.

But the persistent calling grows louder.

Louder and louder as if someone were screaming in my ear.

I reluctantly look up.

I see a bright light surrounded by darkness.

I hear it call my name.

It looks so beautiful.

I reach towards the light.

Seconds away from touching it, darkness engulfs me.

My happiness shattered.

My hope destroyed.

Trapped in the darkness, wondering what happened.

Wondering why I’m here.

Wondering why I can’t get out.

“I can’t escape after all.”


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