Reflections on my inner and outer worlds.

Why.. (7/8/2014)

Some of the few numbers to bring life to the forgotten.
But why…
Why the forgotten?
Why the person swept away from their peers?
Why does stuff happen to the unlucky?
Why can’t anything bad happen to the ones who are always happy?
Does no one care about us?
But why…?
I’ve nearly poured my energy out to be happy..
Why do I still feel so sad?
Why can’t I be happy?
It seems so easy for everyone around me.
But why can’t it be easy for me to be happy?
I want to be happy..
Why is it no one wants me to be happy?!
I didn’t do anything to deserve this burden.
But why?
I want to be happy..
I want people to care for me.
But no one does..
It’s all lies when they say they care.
They always lie!
Why can’t anyone be honest with me..


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