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“Stars only shine in darkness. Maybe that’s why I naturally live in the dark.”



“No matter what…

“No matter what I do with my life, there will be a day when no one cares that I existed.”

Ignore me all you want, but it will be you who will suffer in the end. Not me.


I’m okay being ignored and alone. I mean, in the end, we’re going to die alone, right?

My Days… (9/4/2013)

Back to school I go.
My appearance is just for show.
Starving, day by day.
Nothing left to say.
Struggling from day one.
Nothing is just for fun.
Hearts fill my page.
I doubt it’s from rage.
But now they are broken hearts.
To represent how mine was torn apart.
Mine is now stitched together.
The stitches won’t stay there forever.
My mind is invaded by stress.
Why am I such a mess?
Living behind a complete lie.
Wishing that I could just die.
But again, there is something keeping me here.
The something helps rid my mind of fear.
I wonder how long he could keep my fear away.
Before it slowly destroys my soul one day.