Reflections on my inner and outer worlds.

Abandonment… (12/13/12)

We all felt it at least once before.
Others feel it more.
For others, it’s all they ever feel.
Always feeling alone.
No one ever there.
No one to even really care.
No one in their lives.
Always wondering why they have to be alive.
Always feeling like the source of all problems.
I don’t know about you, but I feel like that a lot.
It seems like no one cares.
I know people care…
But it feels like no one cares.
I’m not really a people person.
I honestly don’t like people a lot.
People make it seem like they don’t care.
And that they hate you.
I hate people for that.
Hell, I even hate myself for that reason.
I hate all of the abandonment in this world.
I wish it’d go away…
That way no one can really feel all alone.


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