Reflections on my inner and outer worlds.

The Deadly Mirror (6/29/13)

Living among the putrid souls.
Always wanting to be whole.
Unable to fall into a cursed sleep.
Since my mind has been buried deep.
Beneath a ton of pain.
Which was all left in vain.
In my hand is a blade.
Covered with blood from the scars it made.
My hand is trembling and shaking.
Maybe I’m finally breaking.
In the mirror is where I look at me.
And I think, “What am I turning out to be?”
Down from my eyes comes the tears.
Made from all of my wretched fears.
Screaming at me to where I can’t hear a sound.
Making it to where happiness can’t ever be found.
Crying and crying with no one there…
I think, “Maybe no one does really care…”
Darkness is all around me.
It’s all I can see.
I look back at myself in the mirror.
And I could never have seen myself ever so clearer.
I see bloodied tears down my face.
And scars saying “Leave This Place.”
I stare more, and start to cry.
I think to myself, “No…I don’t want to die!”
Before I know it, Death himself appears.
He says in a warm voice, “Come with me, my child. And you will have no more fears…”
I think and think about what to do.
I say, “Okay… I’ll come with you…”


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