Reflections on my inner and outer worlds.

Please Save Me (8/31/12)

My heart is surrounded by a broken seal.
I am surrounded by love which was never real.
The inside of my body is shaking.
The outside of my body is breaking.
I am internally shutting off.
On the outside, I show nothing, not even a cough.
My heart is buried beneath a ton of lies.
Please save it now before it dies.
I cannot breathe.
Maybe it’s my time to leave.
But before I get off this empty stage.
I’ll show you my side which is full of rage.
Full of rage, full of loneliness, full of hurt.
From all of the times in which I was treated like dirt.
Can you help me at all?
Can you hear my calls?
The one’s that seem like it’s nothing but silence.
All of the calls caused by violence.
The one’s that say nothing but screams.
One’s that can’t even be heard in dreams.
These screams are full of pain.
Screams caused by my tears that flow like rain.
But please save me from Death.
Before I take my final breath.


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